A brand made just for you

Sanford's core values are very well defined in our tagline "Touching your life every day". We like to support each aspect of your daily activities. At the same time, we hold on to our beliefs that make Sanford stand out in a world of profit race and commercialisation. Our brand ethics guide us to achieve high standards around the world, and create a trusted name among our clients. But above all, we believe in sustainability- through quality, caring, diversity, happiness and great service.

Our Vision & Mission

In a world that runs behind profit and business, our key concept has always been adding value and simplicity to life. Our mission is to serve you best and to make your life comfortable. With a panel of experienced visionaries constantly guiding our efforts, we are working to make this world a better place, adding efforts in ensuring sustainability and protecting the environment. It's all about the simple joys in life, and we hope it is brought to you by Sanford.

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